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Coffee with Tamara

T. Archer Design has partnered with Property Brothers, Jonathan and Drew Scott to bring elevated design to your home with their new design platform, Casaza. I spoke with them about my love of blue, travel-inspired design, and my celebrity home crush.


Get Inspired: Modern Zen Dining Room

T. Archer Design keeps it clean with neutral palettes and natural materials with her Modern Zen Dining Room design.

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Island Origins Magazine: How the Caribbean’s Black Sand Beaches Inspired This Home Design

Taking inspiration from the sea and sky, Florida’s coastal style remains timeless thanks to its bright, fresh palette and natural textures. But designer Tamara Archer went a bolder more unexpected route when tasked to transform this Tampa Bay home into a beach oasis.


Style Your Home with Nature

Whether taking a stroll through a lush park or relaxing on a tropical beach, connecting with nature can enhance your mood and provide stress relief. You can enjoy exposure to the natural world right in your own home.

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Changing Lives with Interior Design

When we transformed our office into an art gallery for an evening last month, as part of the Clearwater Art Walk, we created something really special, and got to meet some wonderful people who were drawn in by the art. One of these people was Tamara J. Archer.